1. When register account for our product and service, you may need to provide some information. Dnurse Technology will strictly follow privacy policy, law, regulation when using users’ information. You don't have to provide all information, but if your information is not complete, you may not be able to use our products and service.

2. Your privacy information includes your identity, and other personal information such as real name, phone number, email address, mailing address, phone verification code, IP, health condition, health recording data, chatting information etc.

3. None private information meaning, general information that are provided, with user’s consent which will not establish direct contact with specific individuals when using our product and service.

4. Dnurse Technology must not disclose users’ personal information to any third parties except situations listed hereunder:
(1). Dnurse Technology will provide user's private information in accordance with laws and regulations or following instructions of authorities; (2). Users disclose their information by telling others their password or sharing one account, or other information leakage not caused by Dnurse Technology. (3). Users themselves disclose their private information to any third parties. (4). Any information leakage due to hackers, computer viruses and other 2 cases

5. we will use users’ personal information in following cases:
(1). For informing users about Dnurse Technology’s new products and app update; (2). For helping Dnurse create, develop and improve our products and services; (3). For purpose of auditing, data analyzing, researching etc. (4). For other items fits law and regulations. Dnurse will not disclose any of user’s personal information for any usages without consent from users in addition to above matters.

6. Dnurse Technology also cares about minors information protection. Minors should obtain written consent of a parent or a legal guardian before using our product and service. Dnurse Technology’s privacy policy also applies to minor users.

7. We will collect and use users’ location information for purpose of improving location-based products and service with users’ consent.

8. Dnurse Technology really cares about users’ personal information safety. We will try our best to protect users’ personal information with current technology, and make sure it won’t be disclosed or misused. We will take encrypted information transmission and storage during information transmission and storage process.