Dnurse Pro
Dnurse Pro

Strips in World Class Precision

Multiple revolutionized and innovative
technologies with world class precision.

Gold made test strip, strong conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Leading TRIPLE-WELLS Interference correction technology can
eliminate any internal and external Interferences.

Compliy with ISO 15197:2013 and FDA 2014 SMBG

Accuracy Certified by Top Class Hospitals

Dnurse Pro

Intelligent Decision Supporting System

Record Automatically
Personal Feedback in Real-Time

Automatically record blood glucose measurements and
generate dedicated data sheets to give a clear overview of
changes in blood glucose levels.

Dnurse Human - Machine learning based Intelligent Decision Support System
(IDSS) provides real-time, tailored and professional suggestions about blood glucose
control after each time test.

Dnurse Pro

Data Sharing with Your Permission

Doctor and Caregivers
can have access to your blood glucose testing result in real-time.

Connect with doctor, get professional guardian.

Connect with caregivers, get 7*24 care everywhere.

Dnurse Pro

Latest Knowledge of Diabetes

The library of diabetes keeps you updated with the latest
information of diabetes.

User Experence Design

3.5-inch high resolution full-color touch screen, large font
mode and automatic voice broadcast.

Blood glucose test automatically wake-up function, plug
and use, needless to boot up the device.

Built-in intelligent blood glucose monitoring reminder,
medication reminder, customized reminder and many other

Easy to Operate

Dnurse Pro

【STEP1】Insert test strip

Dnurse Pro

【STEP2】Sample blood with the pen

Dnurse Pro

【STEP3】Suck up the blood sample

Dnurse Pro

【STEP4】Check results after 5 seconds

Dnurse Pro

The blood glucose meter that
manages your diabetes well.

Dnurse pro
blood glucose meter

Includes one Dnurse pro blood glucose meter,
one carrying case, one blood sampling pen,
50 test strips, 50 sterilized blood sampling needles.

Dnurse pro test strip

Includes 50 test strips,
50 sterilized blood sampling needles.

Support for 5 years warranty
The coinsurance service
Free consulting service for life