Who Are We?

Dnurse Technology Co., Limited is the first Chinese innovative mobile medical company whose mission is to reform the traditional diabetes management. Based on Dnurse Smart Glucose Meter, Dnurse has successfully built an innovative business mode: "Device+App+Service". And relying on our powerful AI decision system, IDSS (Intelligent Decision Supporting System), Dnurse offers a personalized and professional diabetes management solution to diabetics.

Founded in June 2013, Dnurse was heavily invested by Sinocare and Innovation Works and SAIF. Dnurse remains to be a fresh and dynamic power in mobile healthcare industry over our development course.

As the largest glucose meter manufacturer in Asia, Sinocare provides Dnurse advanced biochemical technology, registeration, delivery and customization capacity. Most importantly, Dnurse team is avaliable to you when technology assisstance required.

What We Do?

At Dnurse, we harness the power of mobile phone to manage chronic diseases like diabetes. Diabetes is hard to kill or manage. Therefore, self-managing is the most difficult part to kill diabetes. Dnurse is designed to help you manage your diabetes.

Small, smart, sleek and compact, Dnurse mobile glucometer spare user from mannual glucose notes, limited data storage and small screen, Dnurse smart blood sugar testing meter can be transferred to smart phone with Dnurse App. Following a spontaneous flow: testing--data storage--personal feedback--sharing--customized reminder--coaching, Dnurse can be your personal nurse everyday and everywhere.

To some extend, Dnurse pioneer the way of digital diabetes management in China. We have cooperated with communication giant, high-end hospitals, professional institutions and insurance companies for more perfect diabetes management solution.