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50% diabetic patients have symptoms of obesity, insulin
resistance or renal impairment which affected uric acid level.
Meanwhile, patients with gout face a higher chance of having
Therefore, tests for uric acid and glucose can help patients
understand their conditions better.

Instant Results and Real-time Feedback

Say goodbye to waiting in the hospital
Manage your life right away

Connect with Smartphones*

Auto data recording with unlimited cloud storage
Auto real-time analytics and feedback
On-demand sharing with family members and HCPs
No battery and recharging needed

*Dnurse SPUG only support Android smartphones with Type-C port

Live analytics and feedback

Traditional glucose and uric acid meters only show result
Dnurse SPUG can give professional guidance and analytics with easy-to-read
charts and reports

Unstable BG level or high uric acid level?
How to eat for diabetic and gout patients?

Dnurse SPUG tells everything you need to know

Beautifully and Exquisitely Designed

7075 Aviation anodized aluminum crafted
Dnurse SPUG is a perfect match to your smartphones

Dnurse SPUG - Your Personal Nurse


test sample

Whole peripheral blood and
venous blood

size & weight

38mmX28mmX7.5mm 10g

Strips Performance

Blood SampleTesting RangeTesting Time

uric acid3µl108~1188µmol25s


Testing temperatureStrip expiry date

uric acid15~35˚C12 months

glucose10~35˚C24 months

Product Spec

Product Name

Smartphone Uric Acid and Glucose Meter


Dnurse SPUG





Measuring Range

Glucose 1.1mmol/L-33.3 mmol/L
Uric acid 181µmol/L~1188µmol/L

Measuring Unit

Glucose mmol/L Uric acid µmol/L

Blood Sample Size

Glucose 0.6μL Uric acid 3μL

Sample Type

Fresh capillary whole blood


3 years

Storage Temperature


Package List

1 SPUG device

1 SPUG device

50 pics glucose strips

50 pics glucose strips

20 pics uric acid strips

20 pics uric acid strips

1 lancet device

1 lancet device

50 pics lancets

50 pics lancets

Please refer to the instruction before use.
Purchase and use under the guidance of a medical personnel.