1.How accurate is the Dnurse SP1 Glucose Meter or Dnurse SPUG?

The Dnurse SP1 Glucose Meter is a CE approved device. It meets the rigorous accuracy standards set by the governing bodies in Europe. It meets the ISO 15197:2013 requirements, in vitro diagnostic test systems-requirements for blood-glucose monitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus.
The standard requires that manufacturers of these systems provide even greater accuracy than the previous version.
Dnurse SPUG is an advance of Dnurse SP1 and the accuracy is better.

2.Can measurements be taken without a mobile device?

Dnurse SP1 Glucose Meter (SP1) and Dnurse Smartphone Uric Acid and Glucose Meter (SPUG) have to work with a mobile device (phone, pad, etc.).

3.How many offline measurements can be stored in the meter?

SP1 and SPUG will both need a mobile device to connect to and use the memory of the device.

4.Can I use other brand’s test strips on the Dnurse SP1 Glucose Meter or Dnurse SPUG?

No, only Dnurse branded test strips can be used for these meters.

5.How long can the Dnurse SP1 Glucose Meter and SPUG last?

Dnurse Smart Glucose Meter can perform 4000 tests in 5 years in proper usage.
Dnurse SPUG is powered by a smart device using the USB Type-C port.

6.How long is the expiration date for test strips?

They can endure up two years since production date under the storage condition.

7.What are the differences between Dnurse SP1 and Dnurse SPUG?

Dnurse SPUG can test for both uric acid and blood glucose and can be connected to and powered by mobile devices through Type-c port.
Dnurse SP1 can only test for blood glucose and uses 3.5mm TRS to connect with smart devices. The battery is built-in for 4000 tests.

8.Is insulinK®avaliable on the market now?

insulinK is now on the market and only compatible with the insulin Pen of Eli Lily and Novo Nordisk.