Connect & Convert Smartphone
into Glucose Meter

Slender. Sleek. Seamless.
The Dnurse smart blood glucose meter will transform your
smartphone into a smart blood glucose meter. Connected via
the headphone jack, just download Dnurse APP to manage,
access real-time recommendations that relieve the burden of
daily diabetic management.

Glucose Meter

Automatic Data Analysis

Dnurse analyses your blood sample and generates graphs to provide real time updates for
users glycemic status. This data, combined with the Intelligent Decision Support System,
represents a proactive approach to diabetes management through daily recommendations
regarding insulin dosages, diet, exercise, medication and blood glucose levels.






Low Power Consumption

Dnurse smart blood glucose meter supports 4000 tests in
5 years.
All these test results are stored in cloud permanently for
afterwards checking.

Low Power Consumption

Authoritative & Accurate

Passed Top Hospitals Clinical Tests

Applying latest FAD dehydrogenase technology, Dnurse Mobile Blood Glucose Meter can perform
hospital test, its accuracy has passed many top hospitals tests in China. The authoritative has been
acknowledged by CFDA certificate (Certificate No.: HNFDA 2400052)

Smart Glucose Monitoring System

Map Legend:

Section A: Accurate

Section B: over 20% deviation
compared with reference value, yet
within clinical requirement

Section C: Derail from standard value,
inapplicable to clinical test

Section D: Too high or too low in
value, inapplicable to clinical test

Section E: Will mislead major

Source: Xiangya Hospital Central South University, the Third Xiangya Hospital Central South University Endocrinology Department of Xiangya Hospital Central South University, Changsha, Hunan,410008 Prepared by: Xiaoai Fu, Qiuhong Zhou, Ling Yu, Wei Meng, Shan Deng, Liaofang Wu

Blood Sample

Tiny Blood Sample
Pain in Breeze

Tiny needle, 0.6 μl blood required, automatic siphon
technology, and support venous blood sample

  • Technical Spec

    Space Gray
    Space Gray
    Ocean Blue
    Ocean Blue
    Champagne Gold
    Champagne Gold

  • Dimensions

    • Machine Size:1.69”x 1.27”x 0.34”(40mm x 30mm x 8mm)
    • Machine Weight: 9g
    手机血糖仪 高度 手机血糖仪 宽度 手机血糖仪 厚度

  • CPU

    • Freescale Cortex ARM

  • Operation

    • Blood Source: Flesh Capillary Whole Blood
    • Blood Volume: Min. 0.6 micro liter
    • Operating Temperature: 50°~ 95°F (10℃ ~ 35℃)
    • Operating Time: 10s
    • Operation Range: 1.1 mmol/L ~ 33.3 mmol/L
    • Storage Condition: Machine: -4°~ 131°F (-20℃ ~ 55℃)Humidity <= 95°RH
    • Test Paper: 33.8°~ 86°F (1℃ ~ 30℃) Humidity <85%

  • What’s Included

    • 1 Smart Glucose Meter
    • 1 Lancing Device
    • 50 Test Strips
    • 50 Lancets
    • 1 User Manual